Larger works, too


As The Collage Miniaturist, everything I create is informed by and rooted in my investigations of the small format, but you can acquire one of my larger artworks, too!

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Thank you!


Apparition Rising ~ $650
Autumn Ode (to Merz) ~ available for purchase
Cherry Balm ~ available for purchase
Diamonds in the Rough ~ $1500
Dreams Aligned ~ $800
Empress of Wings ~ on consignment
Fifteenth Cosmosaic  • S O L D
I Must Have Kentucky  • S O L D
Intuitronic Polyptych ~ on consignment
Kentucky Madonna ~ $800
Kentucky Sovereign ~ $800
Many Waters Under Heaven ~ on consignment
Matthew’s Touchonic Lodge ~ $750
Merz de la Mer ~ $450
Microcosmic Message  • S O L D
Pearallelograms ~ available for purchase
Reliquia ~ available for purchase
Rhythmic Ode (to Merz) ~ $300
Selective Memory  • S O L D
Spot Checker ~ accepting offers
Structural Integrity  • S O L D
Touchonic Rites ~ available for purchase
Triplet in Blue ~ available for purchase