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John Andrew Dixon ~ collage artist

Thank you for your interest in my body of work as a collage artist. Please click on a thumbnail to view the larger image. A title link will take you to the original blog post.


Empress of Wings
collage on canvas


Cherry Balm
collage on canvas

The Apprentice Merzologist
collage on book cover


Taboo Faction
collage catharsis

Perhaps a Tannery
plein air collage miniature


Reflection on an Outcrop
plein air collage miniature

Circadian Tortuga
collage on canvas


Harmonic Squall
collage on canvas

Second Peoples
collage on book cover


That Red Boot
collage miniature

shadowbox collage/assemblage


Pearental Discretion
mixed media artifact


I welcome inquiries about:
     ~ exhibition or curatorial opportunities
     ~ media features and interviews
     ~ collaborative ventures
     ~ commissions and acquisitions

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