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Back Here in 43119

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

“I am looking for an art to serve the new millennium, to re-define its culture, to question its philosophy, to re-examine its images. What we thought of as art is about to be reconfigured by a new generation born after 1985…”
— George Rodart

George R drew my attention to a thought provoking post from 2008.

If painting can survive the transition from cave art to Byzantine frescoes, through the Renaissance, the conquest of a new hemisphere, the rise of the machine, and planetary war on an industrial scale, it can surely navigate an emerging globalization based on the total commercialization of culture. A small few will redefine it. Some will understand it. Many will reject it. Most will just consume. Until the next ricochet.

Collage grew out of painting. To many, the essence of it has never been anything but painting. Will others eventually look back and say that collage penetrated and shaped all other media, or will they say that painting reclaimed collage to transform itself yet again?

Back Here in 43119
collage miniature by J A Dixon
6.5 x 7 inches
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