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Bibelot Series

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

“The museum suffered a crisis in July 1994, when burglars broke into the jewel room and stole 103 pieces worth $1.6 million, including most of the bibelot collection. The biggest art heist in Kentucky history remained a mystery for five years, and then a group of Ohio thieves was caught and convicted. Unfortunately, the bibelots apparently had been dismantled and sold as scrap for a fraction of their value.”
— Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader

I made a visit to the Jewel Room at the Headley-Whitney Museum only once, many years ago, and I was deeply inspired by the capacity to bring raw imagination into physical manifestation. The heartbreaking theft of numerous bibelot masterworks makes it nearly impossible for me to return and view a diminished collection. I have dedicated this series of miniatures to my vivid memory of what used to be.




Dedicated to the lost masterworks of George Headley.
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All Merry, All Happy and Bright

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Day Two / Open Studios ARTTOUR —
I was astonished to learn how much I looked forward with high anticipation to opening our doorway to the public this morning. I have considered myself a person who prefers privacy over public exposure, but completing our gallery space is apparently calling those self-perceptions into question. It was an extraordinary two days of interacting with a diverse group of art tourists. I am already looking ahead to the next opportunity — this Friday we shall welcome more people to our realm as a Gallery Hop Stop in downtown Danville. A peculiar aspect of disclosing the results of one’s collage-making process is to gauge the response of someone not quite prepared for the experience. To do that in one’s own environment is especially indulgent. To offer hospitality to someone else who really “gets it” brings immeasurable satisfaction.

All Merry, All Happy and Bright
collage miniature by J A Dixon
3.875 x 5.875 inches

•  S O L D

Dawn Goes Down to Day

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Day One / Open Studios ARTTOUR —
How much sleep I got last night will remain a secret, but I crossed the finish line with everything in place to welcome the public today. We had a steady trickle of folks who enjoyed viewing and talking about art. The design studio, art studio, and gallery/meeting space were looking fine (not to mention the exterior facade), and it feels like I have not caught my breath for several months. Dana outdid herself with some tasty punch and snacks for guests, and she was bragging on my collage all day. Nothing feels like reaching an ambitious goal with a kindred spirit, and I wish every friend in the world had been with me today, too.

Dawn Goes Down to Day
collage miniature by J A Dixon
4 x 4 inches
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