This go round: an ex(plosion) of collage

“When I think how I am not following orders to do what people think I should do, I am scared, but then I think that it is my own work, if anything, that will be remembered. I can’t work for other people. I don’t do good work with their ideas. So I’ll go on with my own.”
– John Steinbeck

The March Exercise is back and fully upon me — another opportunity to harness myself to an all-consuming discipline, with a month-long ritual of collage that has nothing to do with anything but my own way of making it. This whole winter thing began as a 2006 marathon experiment in time management, when I woke up one morning dedicated to the idea of transforming everything to do with how Dana and I positioned our active graphic design practice. Here at TCM, I’ve periodically showcased an extended collage-a-day regimen, most recently with an intense summer flurry of diptychs. I’m back at it again. There won’t be many words in this space for awhile, just traditional, cut-and-glue collage, until I surface for air in April. Until then, I hope you enjoy the Ex(plosion).

Really Done Me
collage miniature by J A Dixon
5.25 x 6.125 inches
from my Series of Rock
available for purchase

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