Happy Birthday, NB . . .

“I am really not famous enough to have a cottage industry devoted to my identity theft.”
— Brendan Adkins

My sincere greetings to the man behind the curtain at Xorph.com, the domain that brings you The Collage Miniaturist. NB stands for ‘Nephew Brendan,’ the multi-talented, multi-skilled, multi-identitied creative force who somehow manages to keep one of my feet near the leading edge of online communication. You can read his stories, hear his voice, unfollow his tweets, or simply join me today as I tip my hat to his magnanimity. There… Do you think that will get me invited to his birthday party? And can anyone please tell me whether or not the Oregon Boundary Dispute has been settled?

Untitled (NB)
collage miniature by J A Dixon
collection of B C Adkins

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