Lisa came over tonight, and two things happened.

  1. We thawed some pre-cooked shrimp and, lacking cocktail sauce, attempted to make our own. You need horseradish to make cocktail sauce; we lacked horseradish as well. The ingredients we did have were ketchup, lemon juice and worcestershire sauce. We decided to attempt to make it, with something (garlic? cayenne?) substituting for horseradish.

    Extrapolation of how this went is left as an exercise for the reader.

  2. We played some Halo 2, the first chance I’ve had to play co-op and a lot of fun. At one point, near the end, we witnessed something so fantastic that it forced the two of us to drag out my vidcapping equipment and record it for posterity. This is maybe the most important thing I have ever done.

    Ladies, gentlemen, I give you: Headless, Breakdancing Master Chief.

Master Chief Breakdancing in .MP4 (4.23 MB)

Master Chief Breakdancing in .MOV (10.9 MB)

Screencap 1

Screencap 2

Screencap 3

Screencap 4

Screencap 1 Zoom

Screencap 3 Zoom

Post script: the above video formats are the only ones in which I can get a workable file size. If you can convert to .wmv, .mpg or .avi (and either get it under 10MB or host it), write me and I’ll arrange to get you a copy of the 30-meg source file.