Holly and I were discussing the inevitable self-recrimination that comes of owning a computer with anything one has ever written on it.

Brendan: I am not sure if there is a way to mature that does not involve violent, sickened hatred toward all one’s own past incarnations, but–hang on, I think I just reinvented Buddhism.
Holly: But Buddhism was invented by someone who didn’t have computer logs of half the things he’d ever said or written.
Brendan: Well, he WAS a lot cleverer than you or me, Holly.
Holly: And ha, yes, teachings “transmitted orally” for ages, says wikipedia, so maybe that is indeed the solution.
Holly: I bet he invented the computer and then saw what self-recriminations and nausea it would scatter on the path to enlightenment and self-improvement, and hid it at the bottom of a pond or something.
Holly: (This is the plot of the next Dan Brown novel.)