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by Brendan Adkins.
Elsewise *

Xorph is a
mildly defunct serial
adventure webcomic.

Not Falling Down
is, sadly, a blog.

Anacrusis is an
ongoing collection of
101-word stories: fiction for the

These are a few of my favorite things *

On-Site Features

  • The Children's Hour of Knowledge is a weekly podcast by myself and Stephen Heintz. It is never an hour, contains very little knowledge, and is quite definitely not for children. But we do try to make it funny.

  • Dispatching the Dungeon Master is a collaborative venture in game design, with open comments and entry submission. I think games are an important part of the way we learn, work and develop; if you think the same thing, I'd enjoy reading what you have to say about our ideas and games in general.

  • Dog Bites is a weblog featuring the best and most ludicrous headlines culled from Leonard Richardson's Dog Bites Dog, as well as original contributions, when I'm feeling particularly nasty about pop culture.

  • The War on Clarity is a personal slang dictionary, for those times when my speech patterns outfox your hu-man brain. Includes the world's most complete definition of "lasersharking."

  • Jake Berendes West Covina is a graphic novel adaptation of the aforementioned Mr. Richardson's short story of the same name.

  • A Modest Proposal is a comic written by Stephen Heintz and drawn by me for Honor, a collection we (along with Will White and Lisa Brown) put together for Comic-Con 2004.

  • Blandishment was my first attempt at a 24-hour comic, the success of which is like unto a certain famous cat in a box.

  • Clockers is--well, it's fanfiction. But it's steampunk fanfiction for a really bad quasicult film, at full screenplay length and in screenplay format, by me and Holly Gramazio. And we got our friends to read through it aloud. With voices. It's awesome.

  • Dr. O'Callaghan's Scientific Fist Names Generator is a thing that you put your name in and then it goes on your blog. Everybody with their own domain name has to come up with one of these someday; I'm just glad I got mine over with.

Hosted Sites

  • Jon's Notebook features songs and notes from Jon Brasfield, one of my best friends and perhaps the world's foremost candidate for a one-man boy band, if boy bands weren't dead.

  • Uncle John's Log is a daily public journal kept by John Dixon, a graphic designer and extraordinarily thoughtful human who also happens to be my uncle.

  • Miscelletudes is a short-form music composition project by my friend, the insanely talented David Flora.

  • England Blog is my sister Caitlan's journal, where she meticulously records her adventures in earning a second degree at Oxford.

  • Mo-Jo (Mom Journal) is, self-evidently, my mother Joan Wood's journal. Topics include insight, wisdom and her firebrand of revolution against the world's least competent school administrators.

  • Mombo's Blog is my grandmother's blog. How awesome is my grandmother! Her name is Virginia Dixon, and she's reluctant to update very often, but she has a wealth of stories and memories just waiting to be recorded.

  • Sock Puppet Wedding is another mildly defunct webcomic, this one produced by my friend Emily R.

Other Places I Post

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