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They killed Tha H-Dog! THOSE BASTARDS

Not that I didn’t see it coming, and it’s not like they could have retired him. Also Herbert Kornfeld was a fairly weak one-note character who’s been running for like fifteen years. But still! They killed off Zweibel, by far the best columnist, back in 2000 (though he’s popped up a few times since) and now Kornfeld. Who’s next? Rawlings? Teasdale? Please let it be Teasdale.

Hey, Jon, seriously, this year we have to have a Zweibelmas party.

“The sky over the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.”

In 1984, that meant the gray fuzz of static; in 2007, it mostly means the lurid royal blue that modern TVs automatically substitute when they don’t get a signal. Most cultivars of apple at the grocery are now red and green, rather than bright red. Peppered moths are now peppered again, instead of black (and were once black instead of peppered).

Are there other colors-by-reference that have changed in living memory?

I’m twenty-five and I drink at least one sugary soft drink a day. I specialize in baking cookies. I rarely drink milk and I don’t chew sugarless gum. Yesterday, I went to the dentist for the first time in three years.

I have, as always, zero cavities.


Humans! I seem to remember that some of you live in Portland? Maria, the Revolution and I are here too! Until Saturday! Maria is attending a conference for people who know everything, and I am sitting in a hotel room working. Later? I may go to a coffee shop.

Anyway, we should get lunch, or you should at least recommend things to try. Unless you don’t care about us! Dick.

There is a package coming to me. I live in Louisville. Where the big UPS hub is.

This is where I show you the tracking screen, indicating that the package arrived in Louisville and immediately went to Lexington.

Somebody sold you a bad algorithm, UPS.

Update 10.25.2006 0057 hrs:

And, twenty-four hours later, came right back to Louisville.