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I’m finally initiating the domain transfer to the PHPWebhosting name servers tonight; it should refresh around the world in less than 48 hours, so this thing may disappear for a while. I haven’t managed to get NewsBruiser to show anything on the temporary (subdomained) site over there, but then it may be a domain name problem in the first place. We’ll see.

Anyway, hang tough, and don’t plan on xorph@xorph being too reliable for a couple of days. If I go anywhere I’ll be back soon.

Bleagh. The facility from which Deep Fried, my current and past webhost, rented its space is filing for bankruptcy. The admin at Deep Fried is going to shut down his hosting operations (and it’s lucky I started trying to track him down, or I probably wouldn’t have known about this until my site suddenly disappeared). I’ve got everything copied over to PHPWebHosting now, but the domain transfer is looking to be a pain in th’ butt. I’m being forced to save local copies of all my journal entries, since I have no idea when will suddenly start pointing somewhere new. When it does I’ll be unable to get to the old files, which means no copying. This is dumb. At least I managed to get out of going through the default,

Anyway, yeah, expect continued hesitations in content. I don’t much like the situation, but hopefully this will allow me to stave off another site move for a few years (at which point I will have a million dollars, and will buy my own damn dedicated server).


Okay, so at some point my subdomains stopped working. That’s fucking great. No wonder people think the site is down–I’ve been giving out notfallingdown.xorph and shamzmam.xorph (for AZWP) forever, and now they give big old 404s. This is ridiculous. I really need to change webhosts, but I need several hours to get through such a transfer and it’s time I don’t have.

Maria and I saw a church marquee the other day that read


We figured it was the ontological argument for God’s existence at its highest possible compression.

For the record, I know that is experiencing outages (well, besides the failure of its cartoonist). Deep Fried, my webhost, is getting really flaky because the colo facility from which it resells is also getting really flaky, which explains the problems I’ve had with PHP, ftp and email accounts. I’ll probably be moving to PHPWebhosting soon, as it comes highly recommended and seems to have everything I need. (Stephen, we may have to talk about this–where are you, anyway?)

So the design isn’t quite done yet, but here it is: NFD now bruises its news with some of the neatest software I’ve ever had the chance to yell at. The archive navigation is a lot different now, but one thing I’m actually pretty proud of is that all the old permalinks will still work–if I’ve done it right, there’s a little script that will redirect you right to the newly bruised entry.

I actually started working on this over a week ago, and once I’d started using NB to post I couldn’t go back (which is why there hasn’t been anything on the old NFD page for so long). Switching my journal software was like walking into a dealership with a wheelbarrow and driving out with a red Ferrari, so I’ve been writing, but in here instead. You can read like two weeks of the stuff starting on June 27 (although I think this next one is my favorite yet).

The front-page design has been trickier, since I wanted to finally have something on this site that was valid XHTML and built entirely with CSS. I think it’s pretty close now, but the design still looks better in IE than Netscape. I also tried to tidy all the old code in the conversion, but I’m sure I missed something; if you find broken links or funny-looking entries, let me know.

So enjoy the calendar, the searchability, the randomnymity and the category madness; pretty soon there should be something else up top, either a random quote or a Today in History feature. Expect entries to be rather more frequent but correspondingly shorter, as now updating isn’t such an ordeal that I feel I have to save up my material. Expect also at least two more of the secret projects I’ll be developing this summer, involving obsessions and imperatives.

I really do hope you like the new NFD (BC). And I’d love to stay and type more, but today is Blood Drive Day and I’ve gotta go faint.

On the one hand, I can’t say it’s been a useful weekend, because I didn’t actually accomplish anything per se. On the other hand, if you associate “useful” with “utility,” and if you take utilitarianism’s premise that actions are good if they result in greater overall happiness, and you consider that this weekend made me happy enough for the whole population of the planet, the conclusion is that I had the usefulest weekend ever.

I spent almost all of it with Audrey, as it was her birthday-time-region. We partied to the Beastie Boys and many balloons, tried to make a cake without eggs (don’t), and saw the Lexington Philharmonic do “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I wish I had birthdays like that. (Granted, I’ve had some great birthdays, but they are always, always in the middle of some kind of stupid play.)

Friday was the last day of my internship. I’m not sure how I feel about that; I learned a lot at DD, but it’s been such a short four weeks that I didn’t get to see the completion of all the projects I got involved with. I’m still going to be working on at least one client site into the spring, but it’s going to have to wait until I’ve finally done the Cento site, I think.

And I’m going to get back on schedule with the comic, and I’m going to update this more frequently, and Chinese Democracy will come out. Right. (My personal take on Chinese Democracy: either way you look at it, there’s never gonna be any.)

This is kinda like Solitary all over again. I wonder if I should do a 24-hour comic as long as I’mhere?

I’m alone in the apartment, as I most likely will be for at least a couple days. It’s fall break,but once again that doesn’t actuallyentail a break or anything for me. I have from now until Sunday night to finally put theback end on the Cento site, learn a greatmany lines for Joe Egg and Waiting for Godot and do other miscellaneous jobs (ahemputting up Tuesday’s Xorph ahem ahem).

It’s not going to be entirely lonely–Lisa is coming back on Friday night or something, and then on Saturday I get tochill with a certain someone.Besides, isolation is the optimum environment for creativity. I think.

I’ll probably just end up watching Law & Order and idly clicking Crummy every hour or so. Assuming my tiny spaceheater doesn’t give out, of course, in which case (since we have no heat yet) I’ll freeze to deathalmost immediately.

Welcome to the four-day weekend… of danger!

Update 1138 hrs: The heat came on!

Update 2222 hrs: I can’t turn the heat off!

I put in probably eighteen solid hours of work on the Centosite this weekend. I’d be alarmed by that, if I weren’t me, but I am and so I’m not. I’ve finallylearned to do schoolwork in a regular, paced fashion, but because of THAT I can’t do seriousfree-time work except in binges.

At any rate, the framework is even more industrial-strength than that of this site, and that’shardcore. The backend interface is negligent–that’s a project for next weekend–but I did write aPHP function that converts decimal numbers into Roman numerals, and I’m proud of that. (It probablyexists somewhere already, as PHP has predefined functions for about everything there is, but Iwanted to see if I could do it myself. This is a common problem.)

I’d like to include that in my PHP library, if I had a PHP library (or software map). I will one day, if Iever get around to writing all the code I want to–packaging the engines for Xorph and NFD, portingRobotfindskitten, and publishingSolBrowser, the quickie webcomic-display frame I wrote for next year’s Solitary Confinement. Ithink I could write an HTML-to-XHTML converter, too, but I’d probably have to do it in C++, becausea web interface for that would just be ugly.

That’s another thing–the Cento site is not only entirely in valid XHTML 1.0, it’s displayedentirely with CSS positioning. Adjusting to a lack of tables and typing all my markup in lower caseis strange, but I guess it’s a step forward. How you like me now, ALA?

only you
can cure dismality

Apartment update: There’s no stopper for the kitchen sink, so I’ve been using a wad of Saran Wrapto plug up the drain in order to do dishes. If you were to conclude from this, without otherinformation, that I’m living in a guys’ apartment, you’d be right. But, y’know, at least weare doing the dishes (which we only dirtied four days ago).

As is usually the case when there’s actually a lot happening in my life, I haven’t had time towrite it down. I have literally not spent one continuous hour in leisure activity since Monday,when it became apparent that I was going to have to personally reset the speed and duplex mode onevery single Ethernet card in Cheek / Evans. There are 109 students in Cheek / Evans, and almostall of them have computers. You can imagine the rest.

I’m also way way behind on the Cento web site, which is supposed to go live next Monday(this statement and the preceding paragraph are not unrelated). I’m really unhappy about this, plusof course the fact that the middle room is a disaster zone. A lifetime of Mom’s cleaning habits isstarting to drive me out of my mind. I know I don’t have time to clean up all my junk, and I don’teven really want to, but if I don’t do it soon I’m going to start screaming at random. Thanks, Mom!(I’m kidding. Mostly.)

Also I got a girlfriend. You might have guessed that.

I think I’m really going to enjoy this year if I can ever catch up enough to notice that it’shappening.

so what! say what! for yourown sake
do you have a headache or heartbreak?

P.S. Anthropology rocks!

New euphemism For NFD Use Only (in addition to A and B): Summer. I talked to her for maybe the last time tonight, gave her thestupid mix CD I made, watched her dance out the door. There was a time, I think, when she wouldhave been the one sorry to see me say goodbye; tonight that was reversed, and that’s entirely myfault, but that’s okay. Given the choice, I’d rather be sad myself than watch someone elsehurt.

(Most of the people who talk to me regularly know who I’m talking about anyway. So why Summer? Two songs.Take your pick.)

My mp3 collection is and has always been fairly bloated, but not because of downloading. Sure, Ipirated my fair share, back before the Coming of the Firewall. Mostly, though, I use WinAmp as akind of über-jukebox for shuffling through the best parts of my CD collection. I went throughand cleaned it up back in February, trying (failing) to limit myself to three songs per album; thatgot me down to a gig and a half, though I’ve added a few since then. My playlist right now standsat 484 entries with a total running time of 29 hours, 38 minutes.

Jon moved out Tuesday, and the room gets boring when it’s quiet. So as during the redesign, I’ve had music playingmore or less continually for the past couple of days, and once again I think I’ve managed to gothrough said entire playlist. It’s very different music than it would have been when I got toschool last fall, and that’s a little strange to think about. This year hasn’t… well, in a way itdoes seem longer than sophomore year. But in a way it seems like we just got into Bingham.

Even so, now that I’m packing and boxing and taking down posters, it’s hard to imagine not livinghere. Bingham 212 feels more like home than home. That’s not really a bad thing–it’s just thatRichmond is usually a place where I crash on the way to other things, and this room is where I comewhen I want to sleep or play or feel comforted. Now I’m deconstructing it (and finding afrightening number of insects), and that’s all going to change tomorrow evening.

I’ll be too busy this summer to get homesick, I’m sure–besides GSP, I’ve got my first pro designjob to do, and the full automation of this journal, and maybe some redesign work on the rest of thesite. Plus I want to turn part of my desk into a light box. I won’t lack for occupation.

Even so. Even with one working shower and screaming fights next door and a horrible, evil janitorand an elevator that smells like pee, I’m going to miss this place.

but this is where weused to live

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