DateJune 30, 2004

Another Softer World update: they share a message board with Dinosaur Comics, if you’re part of that cult. Apparently Justin Pierce, who makes the excellent Killroy and Tina, is a regular. The secret connection? Together, the four creators of those three comics are at least half of Canadia!

Somebody stop me!

I’m a link machine!

I have indirectly rediscovered A Softer World, which I originally found and enjoyed in the pages of the one comped issue of NFG that I got from Zack’s roommate when I was in California. It was raining at the time. Fortunately, I had a hat.

But! The comic! Is really good. I’m probably going to read the entire archive today, although I don’t know how much quantity exists, since the magazine comics I read (presumably written and drawn in January) did not list a website, and the new ones do. Hopefully they’re all up there. ASW seems designed to appeal directly to me–it’s a three-panel comic built with tightly-zoomed candid photography, lower-case text in odd arrangements, and the kind of dark gray whimsy that I’d love to consistently capture in Anacrusis. I am very glad to be aware of its interweb existence.

Update 1252 hrs: They are all on the site, except the ones they sold to NFG–those were selected from a span of March to July 2003. These strips are painfully good; worse, they started out that way. If I wasn’t enjoying them so much I’d be gnawing my thumb with jealousy.

Spider-Man 2 is out today! David Koepp didn’t write it, and Michael Chabon did! Life is considerably better than it was five minutes ago, before I learned that.

I loathe David Koepp, in case I haven’t made that sufficiently clear before. He’s written screenplays that adapted three of the icons of my childhood–The Shadow, Mission: Impossible, and the aforementioned Spider-Man–and all of them were pretentious, humorless, cliché-ridden claptrap. I haven’t read Michael Chabon yet, but he won a Pulitzer for writing about comic-book creators; I strongly believe this is a better qualification than, say, Snake Eyes.

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