Ever since the (pretty good) PC speakers which came with my computer started misbehaving to death about two and a half years ago, I’ve been dealing with a nonincreasingly satisfying series of compromises on audio: first, spotty PC speakers; then my dad’s old ancient RCA stereo receiver and its equally-ancient-but-durable monolith speakers; then some bookshelf speakers (kindly lent me by Maria) with the same receiver, which has now begun its own gentle decline into inevitable doom.

Today that same Maria finally compelled me to do what I’ve wanted to do forever, which is buy a freaking decent pair of PC speakers that will sound good and last. I picked them up at Circuit City and installed them just now; only 2.1, but they’re Altec Lansing and THX and I can probably add them into any surround system I eventually build.

Really, really nice speakers. Really, really nice to be able to hear both sides of music again.