MonthJanuary 2004

I have it written down in my pocket notebook that at some point, when discussing spelling with other humans, I wanted to make the offhand joke that “yeah, I used to compete.”

Tonight, while playing Cranium at Emma Hayes’s house, I managed to do so. One Life Goal down! Ninety-nine to go.

Hey, I found Mister Munson! He’s still in Korea, apparently, at the Taejon Christian International School. He would have been there for about three and a half years by now, so he must be enjoying it. He looks good.

Google can’t seem to find a tribute or anything out there from any of his other students, which is disappointing. He deserves one. For that matter, I don’t have him mentioned in my own bio, which I should a) fix and b) really, really update.

I have a list of teachers I once planned to thank in my Oscar speech. A lot of them have disappeared from it, because I realized that they owed as much to me as I to them. But Bryan Munson remains.

Hey, I show up in a Google News search! Thanks to those plays we did. I mentioned I was going to help out with some plays a while back, didn’t I? They went well. The audiences were small but nice. I only missed one sound cue in six performances, so I feel okay about that.

We debuted our little improv troupe, too, which also went fairly well. We did have to deal with a horrible performance space and karaoke downstairs (we asked them to, oh, turn it down a bit just from 2300 to 2400 hrs, and they agreed, and then turned it way the hell up), but we did well all the same. Our last show, this past Saturday, was probably our best yet. I was glad that was the one to which most of my friends came. I rode Greg the Terminator to Wal-Mart after drinking twelve tubs of movie butter, and Nicole and Richard were psychic. Evan was so emo it hurt (for that matter, Evan was so emo he got a LiveJournal but won’t tell me his name).

On a completely unrelated topic, I really, really need to draw comics again.

Getting really sick of deleting MyDoom junk mail. Most of it’s not even to me, it’s to “ted@xorph” and “stan@xorph” and other nonexistent addresses. The perils of owning a domain! And having your address as the default redirect, anyway. I should change that.

Haven’t seen a thing on my U of L or Hotmail addresses, though. Way to go, U of L and Hotmail.

Confidential to somebody who goes to theatre websites and also the Lexington library, I don’t know who: You have MyDoom. Please download the cleaning tool, stop sending it to me, and never open an attachment again.

Seth David Schoen is a fucking badass.

Hey, an actual picture of the guy who does Girls Are Pretty!

Thanks to the Fascinating Dynamics of Wind©, the snow outside the building right now is enthusiastically falling up.

I actually got a MyDoom carrier yesterday, before the alert was issued, and promptly dumped it without opening it. Gee, you’d almost think that all stupid email viruses could be prevented by a little common sense.

Oh, yeah, and it was pretty icy here for a while, especially Sunday and Monday. My classes yesterday were on a 2-hour delay, which was nice, I guess, but I really wanted them cancelled, and the delay was kind of like getting candy instead of cake on your birthday. I mean, come on. It’s been five years since I had a surprise day off, and I’m going to a public school again! I am entitled to snow days!

The office directly behind my cube at work is currently empty, so I sometimes wander in there to check out the view. It’s not all that nice, but it does have trees in it.

This morning, I checked it out after a phone call from Maria and confirmed her statement: it was snowing pretty hard, again. The direction of snow falling when you’re on the twelfth floor, apparently, is completely horizontal.

Some hours later, I came back from lunch and checked out the big window-wall at the end of the hallway, which (unlike the office window) looks out the narrow end of the building. The sun was brilliant and warm, and the streets were entirely clear, black with runoff.

Just now, I went back into the office and found that the surrounding area was blizzard-white.

So basically, either the hallway window here sees the future, or the office window sees the past. Amazing!

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