Collage experiments as gift art

β€œMan himself is mute, and it is the image that speaks. For it is obvious that the image alone can keep pace with nature.”
β€” Boris Pasternak

I have come to the point where nearly all of my December gifts are hand-crafted items, many of which feature experimental images of one sort or another. Some end up being studies for larger works. Shown below are a couple of little artifacts that have resulted so far from my lead-up to the holidays β€” examples of how gift art can hover between descriptive categories. Both are more than greeting-card covers, but not advanced enough to be called true collage miniatures. Intrinsic value is always a matter of opinion, but, at any rate, people usually appreciate being invited into the artistic process.
collage artifact by John Andrew Dixon  collage artifact by John Andrew Dixon

two small, year-end gifts
collage artifacts by J A Dixon
(click to view larger)

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