Cadenza Forte

“Once you establish yourself as an artist, heaven forbid you change the formula too much. Paradoxically, this goes even for artists who ‘broke molds’ on the way up. The German powerhouse painter Gerhard Richter has gotten away with working in many different styles. But the case of 20th-century French chameleon Francis Picabia is a warning. He’s been dead since 1953, and he’s still paying for the fact that his art didn’t look the same from decade to decade.”
— Jen Graves

Pre-Christmas sales have accelerated, and there is enough time for local folks to surprise someone with a collage miniature under the tree. Cadenza Forte found a home after six and a half years. The buyer said he wanted an example of my “classic style.”

Hmmm… I need to turn that over in my mind for a bit.

Cadenza Forte
collage artifact by J A Dixon
16 x 20 inches

•  S O L D

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