Her Back Door

“Don’t come a-knockin’ around my door
Don’t wanna see your shadow no more
Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes.”
Burton Cummings

Here’s a recent plein air collage of mine that’s on display in the conference center exhibition presented by the Arts Commission of Danville / Boyle County at Constitution Square. I consider this in the category of “miniature house portraits,” which would pose challenges in any medium. Working with paper (particularly when outside) makes for a tricky process of interpreting perspective. It’s been suggested that I didn’t precisely nail the proper vanishing points with this one, even though I did my finished architectural treatments in the studio. In addition to that, I’ve intentionally introduced a contrast of crisp detail and soft ambiguity, with a debatable degree of success. I guess that the “eye of the beholder” has to take it from there.


Her Back Door
collage en plein air by J A Dixon
7.125 x 9 inches
50:50 site/studio
available for purchase

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