A serial adventure
webcomic by
Brendan Adkins
role players
Xorph, a stick figure. Xorph is a stick figure who serves the strip as star, title and ad hoc narrator. He (she?) also has a hat.
Alice, a little girl. Alice is a little girl whose insatiable curiosity isn't entirely due to her mysterious case of amnesia. She seems to possess some unusual abilities connected to the Canvas of the Imagination.
Mike, a bearded man. Mike is a friend of Xorph's, who seems relatively calm about being drawn into the danger and mysteries the three of them face. His quick wit has earned him the admiration of the Alice and the enmity of Nightmare. He is the only (human) regular cast member with visible ears.
Nightmare, a hooded woman. Nightmare began as angry and sullen (due largely to the antics of Poly), and has since grown into an enemy of terrifying power who bears Alice a particular grudge. She has metastasized in Anacrusis.
Poly, a black and white cat. Poly is some cats.
Esteban, a man with a hat. Esteban owns and operates a greasy spoon diner on the outskirts of the Canvas. He and Xorph share a mysterious hat-based connection. Alice owes him some bread.
A pair of glowing red eyes. The Bad Dreams are the creatures--apparently allies or servants of Nightmare--that first attacked Alice in the dark. They have since appeared in her actual dreams, which is kind of meta.
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